Has God given you a vision for what things will look like in the future, but you feel that you are getting in your own way? Do you have difficulty discerning what you need to be happy and fulfilled in ministry? Are you struggling with balancing family relationships and professional responsibilities? 

Coaching is a collaborative process where we reflect on your skills and strengths in the present, and plan to use those to get you to the achievement of your goals in the future. Coaching is a combination of praying, dreaming, planning, and accountability. Through the coaching process, I work with ministers to help them discern next steps in life and/or ministry, and use what they already have to get there. 

What's the difference between counseling and coaching?

You may be wondering if you should be getting coaching or counseling. The main difference between counseling and coaching is the focus. While counseling focuses on how past events have shaped your current functioning, coaching focuses on using the strengths in the present to make the future better. Because coaching, by definition, is not focused on a diagnosis or "problem", you cannot use your health insurance for coaching.  In addition, I cannot be both your coach and your counselor, so if in the process of coaching we determine that you could benefit from therapy, I will provide a referral to an excellent mental health provider. 

what does it cost?

Coaching sessions are $75 for 50 minutes and can be conducted in person, via phone, or via videoconference. You can pay with cash, check, or credit card. 


how this works

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